How to Make Bad Life Decisions

Quit your job, quit your life, see the world.


As of present, I have 43 days until I jack my life in, leave the UK and jet off across the globe to Thailand, (“Wow how very middle class of you.” you utter. I know right!)

I can’t help but think, that when you tell people you are moving away, the first thing they ask is “Oh, for how long?” Facial expressions then change from slightly interested, to a more confused state when you begin to explain that when you said you were moving, you meant ACTUALLY MOVING, as opposed to taking a long 20 somethings ” Gap Yah” backpacking holiday. I am moving across the globe – expiry date TBC.

At 29 years old I am in a good career in a company that I actually love working for and that’s usually what throws people off the most. “Why the hell are you doing this Chris?”

In truth there are a few reasons and also no reasons, I am still trying to work out that contradiction myself. I feel like I am part running away and part setting myself free. So far in my life, the ride has not been an easy one (not to say that there several others that have had it much harder). I think that because of this I have never really been in a position where I have been able to feel completely comfortable in what I’m doing. As a child, I was in an environment from an early age with my parents, where I was moving often between different places and I can only assume that in some way this has subconsciously slipped its way into my adult life.

Looking through my Facebook timeline over the last 8 years, updates from friends have served as a constant insight of their travels while also providing a reminder that I have not embarked on something similar. I’m not saying I have been envious, but…Well, that’s exactly what I am saying.

So Initially, The plan was to take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and then go to China for a year moving from country to country when the year comes to an end. It wasn’t until I joined a Japanese society at the local university that I realised that my dream would be to make raw fish a part of my staple diet, and thus the idea of moving to Japan became my goal.

  • Step 1: Save for 1 year to be set for the Japanese Adventure
  • Step 2: Make plans to see my girlfriend in the UK regularly enough to make long distance work.

Ok so ignore the above steps, the saving came later than planned and the relationship ended… New plan.

  • Step 1: Save money for a good few months for the Thai Adventure.
  • Step 2: Get a Job in Thailand to Save more for Japan.
  • Step 3: Move to Japan after saving in Thailand.

Okay, glad we got that all squared away.

The other day, while laying in the bath, I decided that actually, what I really wanted to do was go for a run…It was pouring with rain; shoes on, umbrella check, off we go. On my run, I stopped off at the local supermarket and bumped into an old school friend and told him my plans for the future. He later said that it has made him thought about where he is in his life and that my story inspired him to think about making a change.

I had written 2 previous posts for this blog, but I realised that what I want to give you guys reading this, is an insight into how you can go crazy and perhaps make that leap to change shit up.

Thanks for reading.

Chris James