A series of unfortunate events

Let’s start today’s blog with a story.

This morning I was laying in the bath, I was about to wash my face with a charcoal face scrub, instead, my brain thought I was about to wash my hair and I ended up with a scalp full of charcoaly goodness. Flash forward 15 minutes later, after I had finished drying; I went to put on my jeans and the entire coin supply of the Royal Mint ejected onto the bedroom floor, traveling in every direction. I often wonder if a series of unfortunate events such as this has any real meaning? I can only laugh at this morning’s events as it acts a summary for the last couple of months of my life so far. It’s easy to pass off what happened this morning as unlucky but I think if we are being realistic here I am the one responsible for the mishaps.

The End.

Okay, So there are 32 days to go until I leave for Thailand and in the time since the last blog a LOT has happened. As I have said previously, my end game is to be in Japan and I have put in a bit of work so far to apply for jobs already… I’m being preemptive in my approach.  By night, I may be a serial life change planner but by day I work in IT for a big global company. One of the benefits of this is that the chance to network is great. Sometimes the way to get the things you want are right in front of you. I managed to share my plans with my bosses and asked how likely it would be to get a position in one of our Asia offices. It turns out that there may very well be that opportunity. It is because of this my stay in Thailand may very well be a short one. That being said, I am not going to put all of my eggs in one basket, Thailand will continue as planned for now until I hear more from the other sources.

So for now, what is Thailand, could be Hong Kong, could be Tokyo, could be…Somewhere in Asia.

Side note: I am still waiting for my plane tickets and my seat to be allocated, I bought them in May this year and if the story at the beginning of this blog is anything to go by, you may have a better understanding at my worry, failing that, if anyone has a reliable rubber dinghy, I’ll get my things together now and let you know when I get there.

It has been a short blog today but I wanted to give you an update on the situation so far.

Peace, speak soon.

Chris James


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